Floral Rugs

With spring season in full swing, we feel like it’s the right time to highlight our beautiful selection of floral rugs. When you think of spring, you may see it as a transitional season where renewal, new ideas, and new projects are the focus. So in this case, flowers are synonymous with spring as they grow until they are in full bloom in a variety of colors. With your spring cleaning project, a goal of yours may be to redecorate your home. A bright and floral-patterned rug allows you to create a new look in any room. Continue reading “Floral Rugs”

Spring Cleaning: 2018 Edition

It’s officially spring, which means any parts of your home you’ve neglected to clean and organize are in need of your attention. Housework may be a difficult and long process but this season gives you the perfect occasion to really organize your items and clean your furniture. We’ll be helping you out with some tips that will encourage you to get started! Continue reading “Spring Cleaning: 2018 Edition”