Get To Know Your Mattress

In 1985, the Better Sleep Council assigned May as Better Sleep Month to emphasize the importance of sleep for a “healthy, productive life.” To start the beginning of this month, we interviewed Lloyd Bethel Jr., our very own general mattress and bedding specialist, who goes into detail about mattresses as well as changes in technology over the last five years. We asked a variety of questions, from reasons for a new mattress, common mattress complaints, average life expectancy of a mattress, technology changes, and appropriate pillows.

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Inspiration: Mattresses

Having restful nights of sleep are essential to help you stay productive and healthy every day. Now that it is officially May, we are here to welcome Better Sleep Month. In order to sleep better, it is best to match your comfort level to your sleeping position, whether you’re a stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or back sleeper. Continue reading “Inspiration: Mattresses”