Mattress Accessories

This time last year, we shared a series of blog posts with you about the best mattresses for stomach, side and back sleepers, how to get to know your mattress, and mattress fun facts for Better Sleep Month. This dedicated month was established in 1985 by the Better Sleep Council to emphasize the importance of sleep for a “healthy, productive life.” Since we have already recognized the best mattresses for you to consider, we thought it would be a great idea to go over some of our mattress accessories that will enhance your sleep even more. Continue reading “Mattress Accessories”

Eco-Friendly Furniture

In the words of Marlee Matlin, “The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.” It is always in our best interest to be conscious of the Earth and take care of it for future generations to enjoy over the years. Earth Day has taken place every year on April 22nd since 1970 when the birth of the modern environmental movement started. Today, this special day continues to show support for the protection of our environment with new concerns and ideas. Now that we have given you a little history about Earth Day, we would like to highlight eco-friendly pieces of furniture that we carry for you to bring a sense of Earth’s nature into your home. Continue reading “Eco-Friendly Furniture”

Floral Rugs

With spring season in full swing, we feel like it’s the right time to highlight our beautiful selection of floral rugs. When you think of spring, you may see it as a transitional season where renewal, new ideas, and new projects are the focus. So in this case, flowers are synonymous with spring as they grow until they are in full bloom in a variety of colors. With your spring cleaning project, a goal of yours may be to redecorate your home. A bright and floral-patterned rug allows you to create a new look in any room. Continue reading “Floral Rugs”