Inspiration: Mattresses

Having restful nights of sleep are essential to help you stay productive and healthy every day. Now that it is officially May, we are here to welcome Better Sleep Month. In order to sleep better, it is best to match your comfort level to your sleeping position, whether you’re a stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or back sleeper. By choosing the appropriate mattress and pillow, you are finding the comfort and support that you need. Please join us as we discuss a few mattresses that are fit for you. Click here for a full list to get inspired!

Stomach sleepers allow their spine to naturally curve. In order to prevent this from happening, consider a soft mattress with a thinner memory foam pillow for the support you are looking for.

Reserve Mattress

TEMPLATE 1045x579 Reserve STEF-44_MATTRESS_0112 (2).jpg
Reserve Mattress

Support your stomach sleeping position with the Reserve Soft Mattress. The solid brass air vents allow your mattress to breathe as the PrimaSense™ gel foam promotes cooler sleeping for a comfortable feeling. Your ideal sleeping experience is also possible due to the Intellicoil® Advanced Encased Coil System, which adapts to your body shape and movement. Keep in mind that one of the major issues with sleeping on your stomach is the curving of your spine, so another positive feature of this mattress is the NanoCoil™Layer, which is a long-lasting comfort layer that conforms to the individual contours of your body for a personalized feel as a stomach sleeper. Balance the mattress with a thinner memory foam pillow that allows you to support your head and spine even more.

Side sleepers tend to put more pressure on their spine, hips, and shoulders. In order to relieve this pressure and provide essential support, we suggest a plush comfort level mattress that can be matched with a thicker, firmer pillow.

Cloud Supreme Breeze Mattress

TEMPLATE 1045x579 Cloud Supreme Breeze TEMP-54_MATTRESS_011 (1).jpg
Cloud Supreme Breeze Mattress

Find optimal support for your position as a side sleeper with the Cloud Supreme Breeze Mattress. The TEMPUR-Adapt™ determines the mattress feel, while the TEMPUR® material responds to your body’s shape, temperature, and weight by balancing therapeutic support. This material automatically adapts to relieve pressure points and support your body for a good night’s rest. Furthermore, the top comfort layer of TEMPUR® material is infused with PureCool™ for a cooler sleeping environment. This is beneficial for you, as the cloud feeling of this mattress complements your sleeping position by supporting your neck, hips, and spine. In order to match this mattress with a pillow, use a thick or firm pillow that keeps your neck and head in a neutral position as you sleep.

Back sleepers tend to complain of back pain. In order to fully support your head and neck, consider a firm mattress that is complete with a pillow with medium thickness.

Calista Mattress

TEMPLATE 1045x579 Calista SIMM-246_MATTRESS_01 (2).jpg
Calista Mattress

Find deep restorative sleep for your back sleeping position with the Calista Firm Mattress. The SurfaceCool™ Fabric and Diamond™ Memory Foam work together to move heat away from your body as well as keeping you cool and comfortable while you sleep. When you have back pain as a back sleeper, it can relate to your mattress. To help reduce this pain, conforming back support is provided by the Advanced Pocketed Coil® Technology and the AirCool® Memory Foam, offering pressure relief and freedom of movement throughout the night. You should also consider an appropriate pillow as well. A pillow with medium thickness helps keep your neck and head aligned for vital support.

After reviewing these mattresses, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! Stay tuned for more blog posts to celebrate Better Sleep Month!

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